Everything Begins and Ends with YOU

Multiple Intelligences are at work within you to support master living.

Do you know the access codes?


Accepting Boundaries, Freeing Intuition
When you train your brain, you change your mind.  The Ten Essential Life Skills you use every day for the rest of your life begin with one that makes you a master of time – control of your attention.  SIFTING is at once the oldest and newest practice for training your mind to be in the present moment.  It provides you with the means to ground at every age and stage of development.  FULFILLMENT is in the present moment.  SIFTING is a reconnective experience easing you into NOW.


SIFTING is transgenerational, focusing us at every age.

When Lewy Body Dementia began overtaking her father, SIFTING became the means for parent and child to remain present.


Transcending Limits, Focuses Thinking
When you train your mind, you change your brain.  Each of us is born with a completely Personal Blueprint for Optimal Health.  We are born to live!  Every thought you think is a door inviting change that enriches your mind, your body, and your spirit.

Why are some changes easy, while others seem so hard we give up before we even start?  There are six emotional doorways to open for desire and fulfillment to unite in you.  FULFILLMENT is here.  Why do you struggle, fight, suffer?

The BARDO DIET is the way the wisest among us have lived for centuries.  Three keycodes support your need to overcome any resistance you feel.  To accept with grace one of the basic tenets of Life – change!  Which doorway brings flow into your life?  Where is your greatest resistance?  Take the quiz and begin using your least line of resistance as a lever to move your world.

To learn more, watch for the next webinar on the EMOTIONAL DOORWAYS TO LOVE


Thinking outside the Brain, reTHINK your FEELings

Over the span of a lifetime, the average person will spend approximately 204,400 hours sleeping. With an average of 5-8 dreams in an eight-hour sleeping period, the potential for communication beyond the limits of the senses moves from theory to a direct access to intuition.  Dreams convey who you are on the canvas of your life.  Dreams are your private showings of your needs and desires, your doubts and fears, and – they are not always what they seem at first glance!

When you go below the surface of your “dream film”, you can access the deeper meaning to the symbols in your dream.  Suddenly, the people, places, and things in your dream are telling a story about YOU and the state of your conscious awareness!

Once interpreted, dreams are an internal analysis of your health and well-being, when you have the dream!  The message tells you the course of action you can take the next day to make your best daydreams come to pass.  The time you invest in your night dreams returns abundantly in every sphere of your waking life – health, relationships, career, service, wisdom.  When you speak their language, dreams tell you exactly where your greatest impact is for FULFILLMENT.


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We all have a starting point.
We call it birth.

We all have an ending point.
We call it death.


What happens inbetween these two, we call Life!
Ten essential life skills challenge your creative potential while increasing the level of tolerance essential for true human progress.  MASTER LIVING directs the inherent power within you as a creator.
It means seeing what’s in front of you, hearing that call to action, and developing the touch to connect the two.

Where will you begin?