Subconscious Mind is comprised of four elemental worlds.

“They exist in a field of Akasha where time and space are established by individuation, the separation of identity into multidimensions. These are worlds where creation transpires.

If you will, take a few moments to image this. A single tree in the dead of winter. Snow clings to its branches like white frosting on a chocolate cake. The redbird sits on a low branch, calling to its mate. Suddenly, the snow melts, dripping water into puddles at the tree’s roots. On the branch, the white dust disappears, exposing the grayish black bark of the oak tree beneath the redbird’s feet. A green leaf buds alongside her as the tree seems to “come alive”. Her mate comes and goes quickly, carrying the twigs that builds their nest-home before our mental eye. The foliage has grown thicker and in place of the bluish-grey skies of winter, we now see the dense green pattern of summer leaves. A clutch of four eggs bring new life for a third time as the tree leaves flame into yellow, copper, and a red blending into their feathers. Curling and shrinking, the leaves lift from the branch on the wind as our redbird looks on. The first snowflake of a new season falls upon his head and the cycle begins again.

In the stillness of nature, unfettered by humankind’s genetic modifications and meteorological manipulation, a movement of creation has been observed and passed down in verses and stories for millennia. Seasons mark the passing of time in space revealing its impact upon “what Is”. The inbreath and outbreath of consciousness is life for trees, birds,– and for homo sapiens.

The time-lapse photography of a tree moving through one year, which you just now created in your mind’s eye, is how Consciousness expresses through subconscious mind. We note the changing conditions in the worlds of consciousness and form and given names like spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Seasons are a universal cycle in creation. From the acorns the tree produces through the spring and summer, come the seed for the next generation in the fall and winter. The inbreath and outbreath of one day of Brahma, the Creator of worlds in the Vedic texts.

The Earth has seasons because its axis is tilted. You experience seasons because your attention is magnetized through what captures your fancy. Just as the Earth rotates on its axis as it orbits the Sun, so your Subconscious and Conscious minds work together to “spin the yarns” that are your night dreams and day dreams. These dreams may seem infinite in composition with endless people in a multitude of settings in limitless circumstances yet they all arise through one expression of consciousness – your mind! Just as Earth’s axis always points in the same direction, so every dream its source,– the dreamer.

excerpted from a coming ebook Orenda: Dreaming in the Inner Levels of Consciousness by Dr. Barbara O’Guinn Condron.

It is worth noting that Brahma’s creating always follows a long sleep. The relationship between sleeping and waking is an enduring focal point of consciousness exploration – a theme, if you will.

The time-lapse exercise illustrates the creative nature inherent in Subconscious Mind. Thee changing of external conditions affects the tree and the bird, precipitating internal change. So it is with our everyday lives. What transpires in our daytime hours, and how we respond, is resected in the content of that night’s dreaming. In the inner levels of your subconscious mind, what you want, your personal desires you have imaged, are right now being recreated for manifestation in your life. This is how dream incubation works.

In literary composition, this exercise in day-dreaming is known as a metaphor. Your night time dreams can be viewed in this light as well. Dream messages are like personal metaphors designed by a wizened part of mind that has been referred to as the soul, conscience, or merely better judgement.

Dream messages illustrate the effects of how we are creating. This is accomplished through the people in our dreams and the actions they demonstrate. Sometimes dream-people and dream-actions seem to reach beyond the scope of our limited individual existence. They transcend the limits of our own thinking.

– from Course 260 Dream Themes and Interactions