The first dream I remember was when I was four.  It was about my favorite doll, Donna.  She kept saying she was cold, so I put her on the bed and covered her up. 

Then came the nightmare at 6.  That’s the one that set me off on a lifelong journey as an oneironaut.   I started studying dreams in the 1960s, teaching in 1970s, researching in 1980s.  I founded in the 1990s, and began researching global trends in 2000s.  Now I share the multidimensional realities of dreaming by guiding people through life passages here at 

Like I said, it’s a lifelong journey. 

After hearing, reading, interpreting 25,000 dreams, one observation that seems to be common is that Every Dream is about the Dreamer.  Dreams carry a message from the dreamer, for the dreamer, about the dreamer.  And, sometimes, they bring insight to others.   

Cultures that value dreaming have always known this.  That’s why they share dreams.  It is in this light, that I offer the following dream for your consideration.

I awoke a few days ago in DREAM SYNC

with this image in my mind.

You probably are familiar with DREAM SYNC though you may call it by another name.

DREAM SYNC is the half-asleep, half-awake state of reverie that neuroscience calls ‘theta’ after the brain waves that are activated during those early minutes in the morning.


Here’s how the image came to me,–

in a dream the morning of 04.17.2020.

I am walking through a nighttime hallway toward daylight.

Another light comes on, illuminating an inner light in a large picture window to my right. The window shows a male and a female (much like an Alex Grey painting) fully vibrant and alive with electricity flowing through them.

Coronavirus conception

image from wikipedia

They are on a sandy beach, playing what reminds me of beach volleyball. Just that there is no net, only a mutually respected space (possibly 6 feet, ?) and in place of volleyballs were bubbles. [Like the sudsy ones kids blow through a wand, can you see it in your mind’s eye?]

Only the woman and man have no wands. They are making and blowing these transparent yet iridescent bubbles. Inside the bubbles are spikey red balls like the ones we see everywhere now intended to illustrate what the corona virus strain looks like.


I can see the bubbles forming inside the couple’s bodies. Once they exhale them, the sunlight from the outside moves through them creating a green cast. It reminds me of photosynthesis. The balls’ spikes wear down to nubs as they jostle about inside the bubbles.

The man and woman are dancing on the sand, blowing the bubbles toward each other trying to cause them to merge into larger spheres. It is like a game and they are having fun.

Next to this image, is a sign, like a plaque in a science center or museum. It says, IMMUNITY, all in caps.

And the visual impression created by the coloring of the letters make it easy for me to ‘see’ what the word conveys:


EOD   That’s the end of the dream.


This image is an attempt to share what I saw.

I’ve been concentrating upon this image each day since the morning I experienced the dream.

I can feel it changing the vitality in my body, a soothing of my nerves and emotions, and a calm inner focus for my mind that is stable and secure.

If it has a similar impact upon others, seems that it might be a health-fortifier, individually then collectively.

What do you see?