The Last Seven Days of Dad's Life



“Barbara, this is Crystal at the veteran’s home. Your dad was getting up and fell and hit his head again. So he looks like he’s been in a fight. We’re going to keep checking his vitals and we’ll keep you posted if anything changes.”

“Thank you for telling me.”

The image from my morning dream returns to me.
Now I understand it in a new light.
Read the dream below.

Dream 08.02.2017 ~ DAD IN VALHALLA

"I see dad’s head.

He is talking but I am keyed to what I see over what I hear.

A holographic image is in dad’s head.

A long hallway extends through dad’s brain like a frozen image duplicated again and again and again.

It continues to move deeper into a vanishing point." EOD

What does it mean?


I have learned through my dreamwork that every dream is about the dreamer, so I know this dream is for the outer me, from the inner me.  Its message is my soul’s perspective of the way I am living my life.  I was awakened shortly after midnight with word that dad had fallen but seemed to be all right.  I went to sleep watching my mind threaten dread or panic, and I chose the diligence of clearing any doubt, restoring love and compassion.  This is the attitude that the dream addresses.  It is like a conversation.  My life communicates to my soul through my everyday thought and action.  My soul communicates to my waking mind its insight and views.  This is the purpose of dreams.  This is communication is the dream yoga, the ideal of union.

Barbara applied the mindfulness of Sift Art during the last 20 months of her father’s life.  Paintings before his diagnosis with Lewy Body Dementia became an experimental effort to fulfill her real need for Self Care.  Therapy for the dream therapist.  The paintings included in A*WAKE are crafted from intentionally sifted sand.  They carry the vibrational material – chitta – that celebrates life’s transitions.  Visit the Gallery.

This dream’s message:
My soul tells me I am focused on superconscious intelligence.  Although communicating is a way for me to make this known, I must first perceive the truth that one life is as many.  Whether I think of this externally as one person among billions, or internally as one lifetime among thousands, the causal point is the same:  One life among many lives.  E pluribus Unum.  One Being.  As I let go of the role of daughter last year, I opened my awareness to all daughters of fathers who are passing.  This dream reminds me that I must practice the Taraka Yoga to be present for dad as he increasingly becomes absent.  Through superconscious awareness, I will walk with him every step until the person we both once knew vanishes into the arms of his soul.

The A*WAKE Experience comes to you wherever you are.  Premiered at the International Association for the Study of Dreams Juried Art Exhibition in 2018, Barbara O’Guinn Condron invites us to join her as she accompanies her father on his last sleep.  His passing from the material into the spiritual worlds.  The sights you see are Sift Art pieces representing periods in the final year of her father’s life.  The sound is Barbara reading from the journal she kept along the way.  The thoughts and the feelings each day.  The perceptions and perspectives.  Inside and out.  Dreams.  Observations.  Epiphanies.  Insights.  Communications.  Rich.  Compassionate.  Loving.  Truthful.  Her father’s experience eclipses her own even after all breath leaves his body.  Her sense of self merges into the lucid dreaming of the afterlife.  What a gift!  You will likely recall this rare glimpse of what it is to walk between the material and spiritual worlds when you most need it.