What's keeping you up at 2 am?


Worried about mounting debts?
Depressed over a lover’s quarrel?
Paralyzed by the speed of information overload?
Drowning in an avalanche of missed opportunities?
Afraid your days are numbered cause you’re not getting any younger?
Or frustrated at every turn because you don’t have enough experience to be given a chance?


Is Negative Self Talk a Thief in Your Nights?



Slay the Imposter and Reclaim Your Authentic Self

Often the stories we are telling ourselves in the day,
the scripts we write, become lost in a sea of confusion and doubt.

Sleep ends the Self sabotage.
Sleep cleans the clutter.
Sleep brings clarity.
Sleep reconnects us with the Source of our dreaming.
Sleep frees the mind from the chatter of the outside world. 
In that spaciousness, new dreams enter.


Your Night Time Dreams are the Keys to Your Day Time Success



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DREAM*TIME Fridays at 8am CDT

Join dream journalist and global researcher Barbara Condron
as she teaches how to plug into
higher dimensions of consciousness.
Asleep.  Awake. And in the bardo inbetween.







Return to Dreamtime

“We must let go of the life we planned
so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”
–Joseph Campbell
Night time dreams are an inner GPS System,
the map to return to the Source of your being.

Every Dream is about the Dreamer

Every dream is a message for you, about you.  It is just waiting for you to give it your UNDIVIDED ATTENTION! 
Every dream tells a story that brings into FOCUS what you don’t see while awake.
Every dream gives you access to a great cosmic database, unconscious until you learn the elements of story.




“An enlightening, pragmatic reference book
for those of us who want to better understand the Wisdom of our Dreams.” 

– Leading Edge Review

20 years of global research with dreamers on every continent

50 years of study answers your most commonly asked questions
about recalling and interpreting your dreams.



How to Raise an Indigo Child


When your child awakes in a Night Terror is one of the most alarming experiences a parent can have.

Learn WHY they happen and HOW you can respond.

Be at ease so you can soothe your child’s fears

with Love and Guidance.





Who Are Those Strangers in My Dream?

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