Taraka Yoga


A single year to elevate
your consciousness
for the common good



Crossing over to the other side is the journey in each lifetime.


There are three breaths in life. 
The first breath.  The last breath.  And the one you are breathing now. 

Moving from where you are, to where you want to be, is a privilege of mindfulness.


The Bodhisattva Journey is a personal quest to align Spirit, Mind, and Body.





  Daily meditations allow for deep contemplation
upon each of the 100 Kuan Yin Verses.

Verses are paired, in the tradition of the Buddha’s twin verses. Each pair is half of a whole message. Odd numbered verses initiate, they resonate with the dynamic principle embodied by Avalokitesvara.  Even verses receive.  They resonate with Kuan Yin, the field principle.
Together, through you, they create a Unified Field for Healing.


KUAN is the 20th I Ching Hexagram


The wind blows over the earth: the image of contemplation.

With contemplation, you have the opportunity to climb the heights of what you have built to obtain a wider view. In the image of a tower that allows for a bird’s eye view, find the white space that will allow you to remain objective in finding your way forward.  You establish a course for the future by reinvigorating your roots.

Together each pair of verses form a complete contemplative thought for elevating one’s level of consciousness.  All 100 Verses capture the exponential notation that encourages quantum leaps in our capacity for love and compassion.



Start Now


is a Self-guided contemplative study in PRESENCE.
PRESENCE is an expression of beingness, a creator of intimacy.
From simple beingness, your true identity emerges.
PRESENCE is being open, aware, and in the now.
PRESENCE is what every child deserves.  
What every partner desires.
What every human being needs.