Taraka Yoga

A one year commitment
to the Real Self



Crossing over to the other side is the journey of each lifetime.


Moving from where you are,
to where you want to be,
is a privilege of mindfulness.



The Bodhisattva Journey is a personal quest to align Spirit, Mind, and Body.





  Daily meditations
allow for deep reflection upon each of the 100 Kuan Yin Verses.
Verses are paired, in the tradition of Guatama the Buddha’s twin verses.
Each pair is half of a whole message.
Odd numbered verses are initiatory, they resonate with the assertive principle embodied by Avalokitesvara.
Even verses are expectant.  They resonate with Kuan Yin, the receptive principle.










Together each pair of verses form a complete contemplative thought for elevating one’s level of consciousness.  All 100 Verses capture the exponential notation that encourages quantum leaps in our capacity for love and compassion.



Sangita was the first to make the journey.


Her name means “musical”.
It reminded Gael of the Bhagavad Gita,
which translates into English as “the song of God”.
As Sangita progressed along her journey, shifts in consciousness
came into being.
A new Gita, a San Gita was coming to light!

After meditating upon Verse 45, Sangita wrote,

“Dr. Barbara Mataji’s realization story, it was very amazing!
While listening to her audio, I went to peace.

Nothing was coming out in my mind besides
divine tear was roaring from my eyes with lots of vibrations.
The tear was about love towards God.

Dear God, when can you meet me within?
I am still seeking, eager to learn more about truth.
I really want to know who am I,
where I came from, where I will go, and when I can realize truth?”





Sangita’s meditation experience, inspired the Sift Painting you see here.  It is called “A Divine Tear”.
Her exchanges with Gael often appear as a support to you during your own journey.
Each verse includes an auditory lesson.  Each day, simple instructions help you to cultivate practices for Spiritual fulfillment in your life.



In the year 2020



becomes a Self-guided study for transfiguration.
You will choose the day you want to begin.
You will be encouraged to leave comments, stories of your journey,
so those who follow may realize
they are never alone in their desire for Truth
and capacity for divine love.