Barbara has an uncanny ability to process information and to put it into immediate practice.  Whether working with a group of hundreds or with a single individual, she practices the secrets of communication.

Now she has written a book about the secrets of communication with the inner self. More and more Barbara’s words are becoming known as a source of wisdom and inspiration. You will find as you read through this book that levels of understanding unfold page-by-page, chapter-by-chapter. This book is a valuable service to mankind for it can aid anyone to understand and use the inner Self.

Daniel R. Condron

Spend an evening with a book
that will change your dreams

If you are looking for a place to begin your DREAMTIME journey.  This quick read brings meaning to your dreams.

Barbara O’Guinn wrote her first book on the subject of dreams when she was 33 years old.  WHO ARE THOSE STRANGERS IN MY DREAM? was the question she had been asking all her life.  Over ten years as a teacher, speaker, and media personality at the School of Metaphysics in the USA, Barbara learned it is a question that thousands of people ask every morning.


Who Are Those Strangers in My Dream

                                     by Barbara O’Guinn Condron

Is Your Ticket to a
  Higher Stage of Consciousness

First published in 1987, this book is a solid beginning for your inner connection with Subconscious Mind. 
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