Ten years ago, hundreds of people upgraded their Mental DNA
during a “10 hour odyssey of the mind”. 
It was called

POWERS of 10

Based upon Barbara Condron’s book MASTER LIVING,
participants experienced peak efficiency
through 10 Essential Life Skills present
in optimal mind / body / spirit performance. 

Here’s what the POWERS of 10 experience looks, sounds, and feels like now.


DREAM SYNC: Living in Harmony with your True Nature


The Mind is a sophisticated instrument designed to create and manifest our fondest desires.
It works in a similar fashion to a camera. 

Sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way we want.  We can lose our creative focus.
We may fall into a mindset of survival – fleeing, fighting, or freezing up. 
Suddenly our Dreaming Mind is hijacked by emotional reactions.

It’s like our camera battery’s exhausted so the camera just doesn’t work anymore.
People don’t usually throw out the camera, because they know it is the energy source that needs recharging.

Your Mind is not broken.  It’s just stuck on one

Point of View


In this training, Barbara Condron guides you through the 3-step imagery practice that enables you to
access and leverage the innate EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE in your DREAMING MIND.


Begin Here.  Begin Now.

Prepare to transform one story you’ve been telling yourself into the insight it is meant to give you.

The gift of Emotion is the connection between what you are experiencing and what you understand.

You are invited to take a deep dive into 3 Superpowers you may be taking for granted.



At the age of six, Barbara awoke from a nightmare that proved to be the fire to her life’s journey. “What did the dream mean?” became an obsession. An interesting turn of events, led her to a severe depression of her sense of Self, leading her to seriously consider ending her life at age 22. As anyone who has experienced a near-death experience will tell you, the value of a single human life took on a deeper meaning. This raising of her consciousness led her to 40 years of service as a teacher of 10 essential life skills, an intuitive reporter and researcher for people around the world, and a visionary mindset innovator in dreamwork.

For the last 45 years, Barbara has dedicated her life to helping others listen to their inner Voice of Intuitive insight. She respects the “sacred gift” of the Intuitive Mind and now provides the means for others to experience its PRESENCE firsthand.


“Change your perception of Self and the whole world changes!  It’s the Law of Relativity.  Everything begins and ends with you.”

Barbara Condron

Your Masterclass Mentor

“Professionally, from these teachings, I have been able to envision the destiny of my volunteer program. I am finding an abundance of volunteers! These lessons have given me clarity of vision and a roadmap to success and abundance.”


Brenda McGarvey

Unity Hospice

“Many of the issues raised in the workplace occur because practitioners fail to identify the needs of their client/customer, or they require more imaginative ways to respond to those needs. Surveys show that client/customers respond well to others who demonstrate compassion and understanding. POWERS of TEN teaches quantum change as a means toward transformation in personal and professional arenas.”

B Thomas

Christian Pastor

“The practice of the life skills presented in the Powers of Ten Seminar continues to improve my relationships with my peers and my patients. I can see why they are labeled Essential Life Skills.”

Dr. John Pawlus

dentist and inventor




 Now, the experience offered at select colleges and universities is yours online.
Wherever you are.  Whenever you are ready.