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Meet Carol Wachniak

Carol Wachniak knows that we are never alone, even when it feels like every fiber of our body is telling us otherwise. 
Maybe it’s because her passion in life is to ensure that every individual is loved, wanted, and valued. 
Maybe it’s because when doctors predicted her death, she faced her mortality through 96 days of fasting and prayer, and lived to continue her story.
Maybe it’s because she has been present with 1200 mothers as they brought new life into the world. 
Maybe it’s because through Genesis 1 Management, a social enterprise she founded, Carol has assisted people at every stage of life to imagine, then live their dream.
Carol knows a secret to master living. She realizes that

Birth is a lifestyle, not a job. 

With her clients, Carol’s mission is to set the tone for a beginning that supports the natural movement from surviving into thriving.  To engage with Carol is to feel honored.  Whether you come to her as a pregnant woman, a nervous entrepreneur, an established government official, an innovative scientist, or just the person you happen to be sitting next to on an airplnae, you sense an elevated meaning to life that transcends the confines of everyday existence 
This soul force springs from and stretches into the spiritual realms of our Being.  When she counsels  “You were made for such a time as this,” – you believe her for she is speaking from a treasury of life experiences worth examining.  Where does it come from?  This assurity in life?
From the day her mother, a volunteer at an adoption center, handed eight-year-old Carol a newborn to hold on their way home, her destiny was clear. 
In her article 20 Legacy Lessons: I didn’t start with the end in mind, Carol writes,
“During the little time, he was with us, I witnessed something profound between the orphan and my mother, she poured her heart into him with unconditional love, passion, compassion. She wanted to make sure he felt loved, wanted, and valued, his eyes started to come alive again. These were life-giving moments, his human basic needs were being met and he started to thrive. All humanity needs to know they are loved, wanted, and valued.”
The alchemy between her mother’s example and that newborn’s thriving provided the chemistry to set Carol’s heart on fire with a love that has nurtured eight children, 18 grandchildren, and 1200 attended births.  Her personal journey of carrying life again, and again and again, became her personal schoolroom for welcoming souls into this world. 
Mothers know that no two births are the same.  For Carol, each birth built upon the next, moving from the rules and regulations of hospital births to the responsibility and freedom of homebirth.  These experiences birthed something deep within her, that led to her decision that “everyone should have the opportunity that I had.”
Being present for the life transition that moves individuals into parenthood became Carol’s life work. She founded the Doula Family, a 40-year legacy family business that currently serves 4000+ families.  Her extended family reaches all the way from the heartland of the United States to Australia and the South Pacific islands.  As co-founder of Fiji Foundation a school for “Educating the Child Holistically for a Peaceful and Prosperous Fiji” is being built on 100 acres of … well, paradise!  
To be attended by Carol is to know that you are loved, wanted, valued.  

“If I serve the purpose of the season I’m in now,

my calling will find me. 

It will ask of me to be available, to listen, to love others. 

To embrace my life.”


In 2022, Carol’s lifetime of experience is now available through her Doula Family Legacy Certification ProgramsTo learn from Carol is to claim your essence as a natural creator, and to receive a blessing to blaze a legacy trail that others can follow.  
Just as her own mother was a living master of love, Carol now models that spirit of genesis for younger generations who will carry the secret into generations yet to come. 

In her own words …

Have you ever been asked, “What’s your business or your brand?”  “What’s your point of view?”  “What do you do for a living?”

Can I say…  I’m Carol?

All of the greatest lessons in my life came from the greatest places of pain?  They are places of shame, humiliation, failure, and deep levels of loss and grief.  Mistake after mistake, hardship, and loss after a loss: I thought I was on the wrong path.  I felt like I was being punished somehow.

In my limited point of view and understanding, I needed to look deeper discovering the compassion, love, and grace I experienced something profound in my search.  It was customized life lessons just perfect for me, to could become the BEing I needed to Be, to do the work I’ve done and am doing today.  I had to play the cards I was dealt.  To have what I have today.

I know laughter because I’ve had many years of tears.

I know joy because I known sorrow.

I know Gratitude because I have had multiple deep and profound losses.

I know the gift of Forgiveness, because of the anger I felt when I was hurt, by hurting people.

I know Peace because I’ve known terrifying fear.

I know I have a true relationship with God because I went 96 days only on water and prayer after the doctors sent me home to die.

This is where I found true unconditional love way beyond my understanding. I had nowhere else to go but to Him. When I had turned everything over to His will this is when I felt unconditional love and true freedom.

I am BEing me.  I wear many hats.  I am identified by many definitions of the hats called me. 

My calling pushes me forward into a new birthing experience.  It inspires a new vision – to pass on the lessons learned, building security for the next generation.”

Our paths first crossed at the College of Metaphysics  I learned of seed milk.  Seed milk a simple generative elixir naturally available to us all in our kitchen.  Reminiscent of stem cell therapies, the difference with seed milk is you can learn how to prepare it yourself. 

Freedom through responsibility is what Carol Wachniak embodies. 

Our first meeting was about natural health for the body.  Our second meeting was about natural wealth for the mind. 

We were both invited to a mastermind weekend in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, to assist new entrepreneur Kerry Keller in developing his SUPERFOCUS Consultation enterprise.  As roommates, our friendship flowered.  My name was added to Carol’s ‘rolodex of cellphone contacts’ which include lots of people like you and me as well as government officials, teachers, scientists, doctors, and entrepreneurs from 144 countries.  As a member of CEO Space, her investment in people flourishes. 

When it came time to begin assembling my list of LIVING MASTERS, Carol was one of the first people who came to mind.  I hope I captured the wisdom of this woman who understands birth and death.